Research expectations in our laboratory
‘ Develop communication skills and expertise knowledge for effective information exchange with world class researchers internationally.

‘ Enhance motivations by exchanging views with students and researchers from internal and external.

‘ Develop presentation skills and variegated views through laboratory seminars and open seminars organized by the laboratory.

‘ Develop creativity through understanding and integration of engineering principles and agricultural/biological approaches.

‘ Develop a core group of laboratory personnel (3-5 persons) to actively participate programming of international professional organizations. Based on the discussions among the core group members, develop a problem-solving ability.

‘ Develop critical thinking skills to define problems and improve analytical skills to solve problems effectively and efficiently.

‘ New comers (senior students and new graduate students) learn about agricultural crop and food by joining the core groups consisting of senior laboratory members. The aim is to promote self-motivated learning.

‘ Without any prejudice being developed in each study group, student should pursue knowledge with an open mind in scientific manner (Academic Freedom Tradition).

‘ Senior student will present his/her research findings at a conference before graduation.self-motivated learning.

‘ MS student will submit at least a paper of his/her findings to an international journal in two years.

‘ Ph.D student will submit at least three papers to international journal(s) in three years. One of the three papers should be gacceptedh or gpublishedh for the minimum requirement to get degree.
Research expectations in our laboratory