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We would like to make a social contribution through collaborative researches with research institutes and companies. Please let us know, if you are interested in our research activities. We welcome your participation in our Open Seminar.
We hold Laboratory Seminars and Open Seminars sponsored by our laboratory as below.
Any participants are welcome to the seminars.
Lab-Seminar(Tuesday, 14:45-18:00)
Apr.12(Tue): Orientation (Piller sensei and professors)
Apr.19(Tue): Morita, Guo Han, Li Nanding
Apr.26(Tue): Takemoto, Chen Siyao, Yamashige
May.10(Tue): Abamba(15:00-16:00), Shibasaki(16:00-)
May.17(Tue): Afinity Science (Nagaoka sensei, webinar, Japanese)
May.24(Tue): Jacky(15:00-16:00), Zheng Ziwei(16:00-)
May.31(Tue): Tamura(15:00-16:00, JDP), Ikebe(16:00-)
Jun.7(Tue): Iwasaki(16:00-)
Jun.14(Tue): Miyazaki(15:00-16:00, JDP), Ito(16:00-)
Jun.21(Tue): Zheng Ziwei(15:00-16:00), Shimoda(16:00-)
Jun.28(Tue): Ikebe(15:00-16:00, JDP), Chihara(16:00-)
Jul.5(Tue): Iwasaki(15:00-16:00, JDP)
Jul.12(Tue): Tamura, Miyazaki, Iwai, Takeuchi
Jul.19(Tue): Panintorn, Iimura, Yasuhara
Jul.26(Tue): Iwai(15:00-16:00, JDP), Zheng Ziwei(Final Difence Practice)
Lab Event
2022/08/27, 28
Information of 2022 summer seminar.
You can join from the URL below (28th, Aug).
2022/9/23 Keiichiro Shiraga : "Water Dynamics in Cells Based on Dielectric Responses in the Terahertz Region", 第83回応用物理学会秋季学術講演会 (Invited).
2022/8/25 Naoshi Kondo: Smart farming in Japan, Invited Speech, AWC2022, Gwangju, Korea.
2022/8/5 Naoshi Kondo: Optical Sensing Technologies for Sustainable Production, Invited Speech, CLEO-PR2022/ISOM'22/ODF'22, Sapporo, Japan.
2022/7/16 白神慧一郎 : "分光学的手法による水分子ダイナミクスの可視化", 水分子の生命科学研究会.
2022/3/25 白神慧一郎:”テラヘルツ分光を用いた水の状態評価”,日本化学会 第102春季年会シンポジウム 「赤外線の化学利用―近赤外からテラヘルツまでー」
2022/3/5,6 Yuichi Ogawa:International Symposium on Future Trends of Terahertz Semiconductor Technologies 2022 (TST2022), Invited speaker, "CMOS Dielectric sensors and Their Applications Created by Terahertz Spectroscopy Research", (Hybrid, 2022, 3/5-6)
2021/12/20 近藤 直:第10回JICA-JISNASフォーラム,基調講演「留学生とのネットワーク構築の取り組みについて−京都大学農学研究科G30プログラム以降の例より−」(online, 2021, 12/20)
2021/12/14 Naoshi Kondo:International Seminar on The Development of Agricultural Engineering and Congress of The Indonesian Society of Agricultural Engineering, ISAE, Keynote speaker ”Current Status and Future Development of Agricultural Engineering in Japan” (online, 2021, 12/14)
2021/12/10 斎藤嘉人:”短波長赤外(SWIR)画像と深層学習によるバレイショの外部欠陥種別の分類”,農業食料工学会シンポジウム「第26回テクノフェスタ」 フードチェーン分科会
Chair of Bioproduction Engineering Division of Environmental Science and Technology, Graduate School of Agriculture, Kyoto University
Kitashirakawa-Oiwakecho,Sakyo-ku, Kyoto, JAPAN 606-8502
(Faculty of Agriculture Main Building S-250)
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