We would like to make a social contribution through collaborative researches with research institutes and companies. Please let us know, if you are interested in our research activities. We welcome your participation in our Open Seminar.
We hold Laboratory Seminars and Open Seminars sponsored by our laboratory as below.
Any participants are welcome to the seminars.
Lab-Seminar(Tuesday, 14:45-18:00)
Oct.6(Tue): Orientation (Kondo, Ogawa, Suzuki, Shiraga,and Piller)
Oct.13(Tue): Chen Siyao (Defense P: 30 minutes) Saito (14:45-)
Oct.20(Tue): Yamashige (J.Defense P:30 minutes) , Jacky (16:00-)
Oct.27(Tue): Sugihara (JDP:30 minutes) , Abamba(16:00-)
Nov.10(Tue): Higashi (JDP:30 minutes) Sumon(16:00-)
Nov.17(Tue): Shibasaki (JDP:30 minutes) , Morita(16:00-)
Nov.24(Tue): Miwa(JDP:30 minutes),Li Nandin(16:00-)
Dec.1(Tue): Dou Yu, Ikebe (JDP:30 minutes), Guo Han(17:00-)
Dec.8(Tue): Matsumura, Iwasaki (JDP:30), Zheng Ziwei (17:00-)
Dec.15(Tue): Miyazaki,Tamura (JDP:30), Zhao Runze(17:00-)
Dec.22(Tue): Shibasaki, Chen Siyao, Yamashige (14:45-)
Jan.5(Tue): Higashi, Miwa, Sugihara (14:45-)
Jan.12(Tue): Dou Yu, Ikebe, Matsumura (14:45-)
Jan.19(Tue): Tamura, Iwasaki, Miyazaki (14:45-)
Jan.26(Tue): Miwa (JDP: 12)
Lab Event
Sport Event
2020/9/29 Kondo Naoshi:ICOSICA 2020 International Conference on Computer Science and Its Applicationin Agriculture, Invited Speech, “Sensing Systems for Smart Agriculture”, IPB, Bogor, Indonesia 
2020/9/17 近藤 直: 令和2年度第2回GEFP研究会,招待講演「「食料―環境」のトレードオフ問題の解決のためのセンシング技術」Online
2020/7/29-30 Kondo Naoshi,International training on Automation and Robotics in Agriculture, "Sensing Systems and Automation in Agriculture", Department of Farm Machinery and Power Engineering, Punjub Agricultural University under National Agricultural Higher Education Project (NAHEP), Indian Council of Agricultural Research )ICAR), India (July 29 and 30, 2020)
2020/7/13-15 Khaliduzzaman:Non-invasive sensing egg yolk content to detect viable chick hatchlings. 2020 ASABE Annual International Virtual Meeting
2020/3/28 Khaliduzzaman:Gender difference in UV-induced fluorescence image of non-incubated chicken eggs. Spring meeting of Japan Poultry Science Association (JPSA)
2020/3/11 白神慧一郎 ”テラヘルツ帯の分光情報で探る水分子の水素結合ダイナミクス”,日本分光学会先端レーザー分光部会若手シンポジウム, 筑波大学,(招待講演)
Chair of Bioproduction Engineering Division of Environmental Science and Technology, Graduate School of Agriculture, Kyoto University
Kitashirakawa-Oiwakecho,Sakyo-ku, Kyoto, JAPAN 606-8502
(Faculty of Agriculture Main Building S-250)
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