Faculty and Staff
Professor Naoshi Kondo
Associate Professor Yuichi Ogawa
Assistant Professor Tetsuhito Suzuki
Shiraga Keiichiro
Researcher Fujiura Tateshi
Kawamura Tuneo
Yositomi Hitoshi
Secretaries Nishigaki Makiko
Kado Ayano
Ueda Yasufumi
Adjunct Professor Garry Piller (Australia, G30 program)

Messages from faculty members and staffs
We are pursuing agricultural engineering which contributes to environment, energy and food with traceable information from production to consumption stage. Especially we are conducting fundamental and application researches on

1) properties of agricultural products and foods
2) postharvest technologies and nondestructive inspection,
3) automation and robotization of bioproduction operations under controlled environments
4) bioinstrumentation of plants, animals, and fishes
5) informatization of agricultural products. Exchange of international comprehensive research activities from a global viewpoint and high-tech cutting edge in the world are essential for leading in this research field. Any researcher and student are welcome to exchange research activities

If you are interested in our research activities shown in this HP, do not hesitate to contact us! (Prof. Kondo)

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