Doctor Course Student Nie Sen (enrollment:2016/10)
Konagaya keiji (enrollment:2017/04)
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Ueda Junpei (enrollment:2016/04)
Kim Jung Bin (enrollment:2016/04)
Nishio Kazuaki (enrollment:2016/04)

Messages from students
Hi, my name is Njane Stephen Njehia from Kenya. I am a master course student in the lab of Bio-Sensing Engineering, and my research area is precision aquaculture for determining the volume of fish using Helmholtz resonator. I would like to introduce our lab to you.
As you may know, Prof Kondo is a world known researcher with a vast experience both as an Agricultural Engineer in company and as a reputable academician. Due to his wide connection with the companies and Universities worldwide, students have a chance to interact with international students, researchers and company men including lectures given by leading companies in Japan. Our research activities range from small scale such as cellular activities, molecular vibration, medium scale range such as fruits, vegetables, fish, eggs, robots, to large scale researches on beef cattle.
Our lab has had the tradition of having many Japanese and international students thus enabling cultural understanding among people from diverse countries. English is the main language for communication hence no course for alarm in case your Japanese language ability is low. The Japanese students are always willing to help in case you need assistance in any way. We also get to enjoy the beauty of Japan, especially Kyoto which is a traditional city marred by various cultural sites and events throughout the year. The four seasons of Japan are well endowed with cherry blossoms in spring, green foliage in summer, beautiful autumn leaves and sometimes snow in winter. Hope you can join us in the near future.
Welcome to BISE

Stephen (Doctor Course Students)